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How To Brand Your Business In A Crisis

How do you set up your business to grow now AND when things settle down  into a New Normal?

Join us for this panel discussion with 3 experts who are all answering this question in meaningfully unique ways:

  • Rich Cardona – on the power of getting real with video branding
  • Cat Stancik – on the power of authentic content and conversations to leap frog the competition
  • Christopher Burton, MD – on cutting down the list of all the things you think you SHOULD be doing, and focusing on the essential few

In this special Lunch & ERN edition, we talked to three experts about unique ways to brand your business amidst the global pandemic.

Rich Cardona talks about extending your reach and impact with video marketing Cat Stancik talks “being real” and the value of authenticity Dr Christopher Burton, MD shares his approach to using books to establish your brand, and why now might be the best time to write your book

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