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Cheatsheet For Premium Members

Cheatsheet For Premium Members

As a Premium Member of Book of Experts, you are already receiving our 7-part series “How To Double Your Results In Half The Time”

… but some members also asked if they could see all the steps on one page. So we created this Cheatsheet for you ?

1. Schedule Your Onboarding Call

2. Sign Your Membership Agreement

Check your inbox for an email from “DocuSign”. Ask to resend if you can’t find it!

3. Add our Events to your Calendar

CLICK HERE see all the events. Click “Follow” to add them all at once or pick-and-choose which ones you want to add!

4. Set Up Your Affiliate Tracking Link On ThriveCart (Get Paid!)

CLICK HERE to set up your account so we can pay you for referrals and BOE enrollments!

5. Add 3 Offers to Your Profile

Log into your profile and add (1) Free, (1) “Entry-Point” (less than $5k) Offer and at least (1) High-End Offer. By creating this kind of “Value Ladder” you will be more visible when people search for what you do.

6. Join the Social Media Engagement Boost Pods

LinkedIn: Thursdays, Noon EST
Facebook: Wednesdays, Noon EST
To join, show up in our BAT Signal Discussion Board ready to share your content! Look for the post with the “BAT-themed” gif, and share a link to your post in the comments. Then click the links to engage with your fellow BATs.

7.  Prepare for “Referral-Ready” Workshop

If you haven’t attended a “Category of One” Workshop with Caitlin & Tobin, please contact to get that onto your calendar ASAP!
CLICK HERE To Complete your “Category of One” Pre-work, which guarantees you a “Hot Seat” on the call

8. Attend Speed Networking Event

Every Monday at 4pm Eastern, we host our “Nights at the Round Table” Expert Panel & Speed Networking
(Get the Details on our Events Page)

9. Attend Mastermind

On the first Tuesday of the month, we host our Mastermind Groups via AirMeet
(Get the Details on our Events Page)

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