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Destiny Champion- Share & Monetize Your Genius

How do you monetize your genius to support yourself, your family, and/or your team?

Maybe you have this great business idea… or maybe you’ve already started your business… The question now is – how do you make it profitable?

Today we are talking with Destiny Champion, Community Coordinator for Bri Seeley’s Monetize Your Genius Facebook Group. We are going to do a deep dive into how getting to know your members is the key to running a thriving community and scaling your sales.

If you would like to learn more about Destiny, meet Bri Seeley, or any of our other experts you can see more at https://bookofexperts.com/

You can request to join the Monetize Your Genius community at: https://lnkd.in/dwq_8QG

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All right. Welcome, everyone. Welcome back to Book of Experts TV and today we're talking about how to monetize your genius. Yeah, share your genius and monetize it as well. We've got a great resource for you, a great guest that's coming on and we're going to be talking about how to engage on social media some really, really fun stuff, and getting a behind the scenes peek at how this process can work for one of our clients and maybe work for you as well. But before we do that, let's jump into welcome experts TV.

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And welcome to Book of Experts TV, Destiny Champion, I'm so excited to have you on this has been a I think we're overdue actually I've been wanting to do this for a while and one of the reasons why I wanted to interview you is because I see you interview interviewing folks all the time on Facebook. Must be kind of fun to be on the other seat for a little while. Yes, I am on the hot seat. And then four interesting girls are super averse. I want to thank you so much for having me. This is a new thing. And I'm excited to dive in with you. Yeah, so let's let's talk about that role for us because I'm sure there's some folks out there that are meeting you for the first time. In fact, if someone picks up either in the live broadcast today or if you catch the replay, go ahead and chime in the comments and say new because I'd love to. I'd love to meet you as well if you're seeing this for the first time. But let's talk about destiny and what she's been doing so destiny You are the community manager for the monetize your genius Facebook group which is breezy Lee's Facebook community

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And it's a pretty exciting place. A lot of activity going on in one big reason why there's a lot of activity is you've been interviewing members of the community so they can share their genius. Can you tell us a little bit more about what you've been doing and why? Yes. So yes, I've been hosting interviews in the monetizing genius community. And it has been absolutely an amazing ride because I meet new entrepreneurs every single day. And they just have different geniuses that they want to share. So I start off with asking them what to genius. How did you discover it? And how are you monetizing it? And the dynamics of the monetize your genius community changed because for a long time, Bree had it she was the only person posting and she wanted to make it more engaging, right? And through us connecting and coming in and brainstorming, she created the sharing of genius interviews, where we're able to now have the audience meet new entrepreneurs.

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Say, wow, I would love to work with that person. I would love to dive deeper into what they're doing collaborate with them. And then we have another part of the audience who says, Oh, well, I have this idea, but I don't know if I should actually make money off of it, or do I deserve to make money off of it? And then they come in and they see these entrepreneurs sharing this story and it kind of gives them that permission to move forward. Yeah, I love that. So folks are at different stages in the process and if they if they are ready to share that genius, you know, that everyone's getting, not everyone but the folks that you reach out to they get an opportunity, and I enjoy it because I see the interviews that are coming out you're doing a great job. And it just shows a really like really interesting people doing interesting work in this wonderful community that that Bri has started there. actually want to show this on screen because I think people will be interested to see. So this is actually the monetize your genius group. You can

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If you if you type in monetize your genius, you'll find this on on Facebook. This is Bree. So one of the really interesting things about Bri she says build a tailor made business. Bree was a fashion designer by courage. She had this earlier career out in LA and just spend time in New York City as well, Seattle. And so she was doing this passion designing and now she's taken that, that whole background, that sort of bespoke approach to building your business, and take and she's working with entrepreneurs. So she's helping coach entrepreneurs to build their business in the same way that she approached her fashion work and what I love about that, and what one of the things honestly that we love about Bree as a client is she takes the look, there's not one way to do this. There's not you know, just five steps that's going to work for everyone that we're going to customize this we're going to make it fit you just like one of her fashion designs word and she thinks she's doing the same thing with entrepreneurs, and it must be wonderful for you destiny to get

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a peek of this on the back end to see some of these relationships developing with the folks you've been meeting. Absolutely. That's definitely one thing I love about Brees that every single business is me and in the programs that she offers, it's no templates, no generic strategies. We're 100%. Who are you? And how do you want your business to reflect who you are, and then diving from there to create a custom business that's totally 100% aligned with who you truly are. That way you can live your best life.

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So I want to talk for a second about engagement on social media because this is one thing that I see you guys doing really well. And it's a challenge like I've I've managed Facebook groups, we have our LinkedIn community for book of experts.

Unknown Speaker 5:49

Attention is the most valuable and honestly the non renewable resource these days, because we all have a limited amount people talk about time, but it's really your

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Attention. And when you are creating that engagement within a group, people are giving their most valuable resource, which is their attention to actually come and watch the videos to maybe be interviewed to engage in the comments. I was looking at Brees group earlier and she was asking questions and seeing all the back and forth that was happening in the comments. It's not an easy thing to do to moderate and manage a community. But you guys have I think, learned some things. I'm watching what's going on. And it's really created a thriving atmosphere for the for the members there. Yes. A lot of the feedback that we've gotten from the entrepreneurs who come and share their journey is Wow, that was so quick. And we say yes, that's the point, right? five to seven minutes because nowadays, it's pretty much the attention span that most people have when they do want to watch something. So as soon as they start and watch, bam, bam, bam, what teaching is how do you discover it and how are you monetizing it and then where to follow them. And people know the main three things about him

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This person is and how they can connect further with them. So let's dig into that for a second. Because I'd love to hear your format the what are the three questions you're asking? What do you what is what's going on in your mind as you're interviewing people to make this the best experience not only for the interviewee, but those who are going to be watching the live stream? Well, before the interview, I have about 15 minutes to chat with them just to see where they are, right, the type of personality they have a third nervous, they're not nervous. So from there, I really just asked them, but the first question I asked is what made you want to monetize this genius? And from there, it's always an amazing, unique story. And I kind of just play on that, of course, what's your genius is that first 10 to 15 second intro that you would give anyone, but really the story of how you've gotten to where you are is the core part of the interviews. And I really just play on that and any other questions that come up from what their story is.

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And how they are and how they

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can you? Can you share some examples of some of the stories that you've heard over the last few weeks? Just to give anyone catching this like a feel? Obviously they can go watch some of the interviews, they can join the group and get a feel for it that way. But what have you been seeing what examples and in how are people monetizing their genius? Like, what are they doing that's really working for them. Got it. For one example that just came to me was a woman. She wanted to study history, she wanted to work in the Smithsonian. So by the time she got to grad school, she just said, I don't want to do this anymore. I want to go full out and do yoga and be a yoga teacher. And her entire family did not support her. They just kept saying this is a bad decision. You're not on the right path. And she realized, am I not on the right path for your path or follow my path? And from there, I think, Wow, that's so powerful. That's amazing.

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And kind of dive deeper into what support system you did have or because your family wasn't supporting you? How did you continue to move forward with this vision that you have, when some people, their families, opinions are everything and they take that to heart and every single decision that they make. So that's one example. I have another example of a woman. Her family did support. aunts and uncles supported her, but her mom and dad didn't support her, right. So she has two different sides of family where she had a blue collar family and a white collar family, and was able to see the different lifestyles and I just dive deeper into what made her want to go and live with her aunt and uncle and learn the business mechanisms. What made her or inspired her to create a coffee shop and her high school to be able to sell coffee for the whole team to go to this business trip that they were supposed to go through. So it's always an interesting story that ends up diving deeper into more questions.

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Why'd they make the decisions that they made?

Unknown Speaker 10:04

Yeah, so these are entrepreneurs who and I think we, a lot of us face these decisions in life, are we going to sort of do the thing that our heart is pulling us towards? Or are we going to do the thing that we feel like we're supposed to do, and it's not always black and white or clear cut that it's exactly one like the way I described it, it's pretty clear, we should follow our heart. But it doesn't always feel that way when we're in that moment. Bree works with entrepreneurs, who are feeling this calling, but are pretty unsure, trying to trying to sort out those feelings and then even beyond once we make that emotional jump, then there's all the tactical and strategic ways to make it work to actually make a thriving life and business out of this. Absolutely. And they and even if you don't have a business that you're monetizing, we still have a few members come in and say, Well, this is what I would like to monetize, right. So now they tell us their story of it.

Unknown Speaker 11:00

Currently at this time, what's holding them back from monetizing their business? And why haven't they taken that leap forward? And typically from the interview and other interviews that they've watched, we'd like to dive deeper into that deeper with them, and have them speak to agree and say, Hey, you know, there's a lot of different opportunities of how we can help you now monetize your genius because you do see how important it is and how your impact is going to help everyone around you.

Unknown Speaker 11:29

Yes, I've seen Bria work and she's very authentic on what she does. And it really comes from the heart and she'll say, you know, I've been there I've been, you know, facing that situation. This is what I did. This is how we're going to work with it for you. So it's really interesting to see that unfold. Bree is the entrepreneurs coach and I always laugh when I say that, because if you don't believe me, go Google it like she's on the front page of Google and that's not an easy thing to do. But when you want to coach and you're an entrepreneur, you're going to find

Unknown Speaker 12:00

Pre showing up in your in your resources because she's a could be a great one. It's it's all about finding the right fit. And I think Bree would be the first person to say, she's not going to be the right fit for everyone. She's very real very authentically who she is. And I think the the clients that you meet and the folks that are drawn to work that speaks to them, they want to bring out their their own voice in the same way. Absolutely. I get a lot of emails saying oh my gosh, I'm so aligned with free and what she's teaching, I want to work with her.

Unknown Speaker 12:31

So I also want to talk to you destiny because one of the interesting angles here is you are also so you came through our program sales maps program, as a sales partner, you you got matched up with Bri. I'd like to dig into that a little bit because I think that's an interesting angle here for people to understand what the bigger picture is, which is you are interviewing folks creating great engagement in her community that obviously benefits people are getting

Unknown Speaker 13:00

Added visibility, maybe clients or customers for their own businesses. But there's also a bigger model going on. Can you talk about that a little bit in your role? Right. So some entrepreneurs are at vastly different stages of their journey. A lot of times I'm seeing a lot of service based businesses wanting to expand with more time freedom, right, more income. So I say, I dive deeper into what problems that they're struggling with what sort of lifestyle that they want, because that's one of the main missions that Bri has is, what is your lifestyle? And then how can your business then reflect that? So just through asking them questions and saying, hey, what are some challenges that you're having as you're trying to expand your business? Oh, you want to add this new branch to your business or now you want to start speaking, resist speaker as well? How can we help you and support you in the best way that we can? Because you've come and helped us and support us.

Unknown Speaker 14:00

In our community, and then from there, we just dive deeper into the conversation of what would it be like to work with Bri, and actually have a tailor made business plan customized to you.

Unknown Speaker 14:12

I want to underline this point for some folks. Just because we live in a world right now. So, you know, this pandemic has happened. We're in it, it's real.

Unknown Speaker 14:23

You know, there's there's folks that are making this shift going online with their businesses. In fact, I would even say it's a it's been a flood of folks trying to transition their business into the virtual space. And what I've been seeing around me is a lot of people being very salesy. We jokingly like to call them like humpers with a lot of love, I'm sure because, listen, they're doing it for the right reasons. They want to make their business go, but when people are approaching with this very salesy, hey, here's who I am. This is what I do. This is why you should be buying from me, it can be really off putting in in jarring it's just not a good feeling experience for either side. But what

Unknown Speaker 15:00

I hear you guys doing and what I really love about it is you're creating relationships, you're helping people first by profiling them in their zones of genius. And then taking that conversation and saying Reesing, how, how can I support you? Where do you need help? You know, can we do this? And it's and you get to play a role in facilitating these conversations. Yes. It's very interesting. And I know I just interviewed a woman and she said, Oh, my biggest struggle is visibility. I said, but she just came into an area and she told me just the steps of in the days leading up to the interview, she was so nervous to do it. Wow, that's so interesting. Maybe we can dive deeper into helping you with that and how it's going to improve this new creation you're having in your business by being more visible.

Unknown Speaker 15:49

You know, I think we all struggle or or I don't want to say struggle but wrestle with that a little bit. And you know, I'm going to out you for a second destiny because you said as just before we went live

Unknown Speaker 16:00

You are even feeling a little bit nervous. And you do this every single day where you're interviewing other folks. It kind of comes with the territory, right? You're putting yourself out there in front of people. Someone may say, I don't like this, I don't like you. Well, that's part of, you know, being authentically in your own voice. I think it's one of the things that Bree has done well for herself and helps her community learn how to do. But it's really true for all of us that we have to learn to own that be who we are, put it out there be open to maybe some criticism that might come our way. That's part of the part of the creative process. If you want to create work and really impact others, you have to be willing and open. I agree. I agree, especially when you have the naysayers around you saying I don't understand why you're doing this. I always say it's like diving into this black abyss and you're just swimming in swimming and you see this tiny little white light at the end of it. You just keep swimming towards that you have no idea but you're kind of just diving into all of that.

Unknown Speaker 17:00

Fear, you're the only one who's able to see the vision and see the outcome.

Unknown Speaker 17:06

I want to we're starting to wrap up here destiny. But I want to dig in a little bit more of your experience on the salespartner side, because I know you were sharing a story with me before we went live. I think it's a really important contrast for people to understand what that experience there may be folks out there again, if you're one of our new viewers, I'd love for you to chime in in the comments. I'd love to meet you that way. You can just say new or newbie or whatever you want to say I'll follow up afterwards. But there may be people out there that could follow in your footsteps. They would love to have a role where they could work online, have flexibility in their schedule, earn in the form of commissions and build these relationships like some of us, we feel a little introverted, but we also love connecting and hearing meeting interesting people and I know you get a chance to do that. Can you talk about your experience as a sales partner?

Unknown Speaker 18:00

I have graduated from sales math one year ago, I've been working with you guys ever since. And it's been an amazing and very interesting experience. I absolutely adore the fact I can go anywhere I want as long as I have my computer, and my days are flexible, because I'm creating my days every single day. So I could do yoga in the morning for two or three hours come and work for a few hours, and then the rest of my day run errands, cetera, et cetera. So being with the sales team has been amazing, just for my freedom. And then of course, the financial freedom is an added benefit as well. And also just allowing my creativity to flow just like my background as well. When it comes to my clients that I've worked with, with salesmen have very interesting experience. So my first client said, Oh, I don't want to actually have the sales map program. I just want one salesperson that's it. So I get on their team and they have no systems in place to ask

Unknown Speaker 19:00

I actually have a sales person. So it makes my life very chaotic and stressful, and the expectations very unreal, because they are still trying to figure out how to have me in their business and what I need to do and what I not need to do, who's doing this who's doing that. And then the other side of that, I had another client, who had no idea who sales map was they just wanted me, but they barely had an landing page. Again, they had no systems in place for a salesperson, and what they were selling, didn't necessarily need a salesperson either. So again, my life is very chaotic and stressful, and in their life is chaotic and stressful as well. And finally, now with Bree. She has sales map, who is building all the systems in place to make her business better and to have a salesperson on her team as well. And the process is so stress free, it's so easy. It's such a well oiled machine. It's so easy to go in and know exactly what you're

Unknown Speaker 20:00

Doing how you're going to be making this impacts. And I think it's easier for the client as well. And for as a sales Pro, I think it's easier because

Unknown Speaker 20:11

you feel you have security. I've spoke to other sales pros and they struggle with client placement. They struggle with not knowing if they're going to have their their client, I always say, go to sales map, go through the bootcamp. Because through the bootcamp, once you graduate, you have the ability to get placed on client projects. And if it's not a good fit, if it doesn't work out, you can get placed on a different client project and vice versa for the client who needs the salesperson as well.

Unknown Speaker 20:40

It's a timely message for us because we're actually hiring right now. We're hiring not only you mentioned, the bootcamp that's that's our hands on training experience. And we're actually hiring for our for our sales team leader as well. So we've got clients coming in, we actually need to fill some of those positions. It is a fun space to play.

Unknown Speaker 21:00

And then like you mentioned, the, the flexibility i think is a big flexibility both financially and timewise. Or being able to work from online and from anywhere is important. But that process, we see this a lot in our space, which, you know, if you ask most entrepreneurs, they'll say, yeah, you know, give me a salesperson Give me the unicorn.

Unknown Speaker 21:20

That's going to make this the sales, you know, rain, but they don't have a process in place in you don't exactly want to build your whole business around, you know, if you do find that one unicorn salesperson that's going to save you what happens when they leave, because good salespeople are always going to have more opportunities. And if you take an A player and you put them in either a bad process or no process at all, they're going to struggle as well. But if you put a strong process in place, a lot of people will rise to the top and show their ability in that so so you know kudos to you. We love the process that you guys are putting together because it is so heart centered, so genuine and and

Unknown Speaker 22:00

spotlighting and showcasing other members of the community and at the same time connecting with Bree which in allowing her to do what she does so well.

Unknown Speaker 22:10

I'm just really glad to have you on here destiny it's great to see your smiling face again to share a little bit of your background any last thoughts before we wrap up today?

Unknown Speaker 22:19

I think my biggest thought is if you are struggling in sales, definitely reach out to the sales Mac team that can be extremely helpful with not only improving your sales skills, but also client placement and you guys are amazing, amazing mentors even a year later I can still reach out and as always have my back so that's super fun. And then come and share your genius with us guys. Yeah, totally join join the community connect with is not only with destiny but with Bri as well get get showcased and within the community, show your genius to the world. Let them help you get that greater visibility and get in front of I mean, I was looking at the numbers

Unknown Speaker 23:00

Actually I'm praying burry back up on so if you look here you'll actually see you know 50,000 people liking the breeze ceiling group agreed to Sealy pre Sealy page. And then there's like what you guys have 2500 in the group I think, right it's continuing to grow the more you do the more grows your fun. Yeah, well you guys are doing a great job and you've created an awesome space to do that with appreciate you destiny, everything that you've done your ability and your continued growth as a sales partner and a community manager. And with that, we're going to say goodbye appreciate everyone tuning in for book of experts TV. Thanks, Destiny

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