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Launching to 10k Listeners in 7 Weeks – with Pearl Cox

Could you launch a new radio show and get to 10k listeners in the first 7 weeks? That is exactly what today’s guest, Pearl Cox did with her Pearls of Wisdom radio show.

Let’s dig into how she did it, and where she is going as she builds out a second interview style format of her show.

You can learn more about Pearl and her coaching business by checking out her Value Ladder at Book of Experts: https://lnkd.in/dzVQBs5

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All right welcome back for Book of Experts TV and today we're talking with our guest who brought her her show or her radio show. It's an internet based radio show to 10,000 listeners in the first seven weeks when she told me that story I wanted to hear more and I bet you will as well. This is Book of Experts TV is brought to you by SalesMAP.

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Alright, so welcome to Book of Experts TV Paul Cox joining us from the UK I'm super excited. You and I actually chatted a week or so ago, when I joined you on the radio show with serenity radio. Now today we're doing book club experts TV. So welcome to you. Thank you. Thank you so much for inviting me, Toby. So when when you and I connected and a big shout out to Bernie who helped connect the two of us to have this conversation, but when I heard the, the growth of what you were doing with your new radio show, I said, All right. I have I want to know the details here. This is really interesting. Tell us a little bit if you would, Pearl. Let's start with serenity radio, what it is, what pearls of wisdom, your show on serenity radio is in sort of that structure. We'll take it from there a little bit later, we'll get into what you do, the work that you're doing and why people come to you but let's start on the radio side because I think that's a really interesting story here. Right? I'm surrounded radio literally started when this pandemic the COVID-19 panel.

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demick started so it's very, very low. And literally the two founders of serenity radio a, they were quite nervous at home that contain all this Doom gloom on the media. And everyone was scared and they thought, let's start to put something positive together and literally reached out. So UK based radio station, but it is global. We're in 44 different countries and we're reaching out to people. The actual tagline for serenity serenity radio is raise the vibration of the nation and it's a mystic radio station, looking at covering so many different things well being spirituality and a form of business. And I was put in touch with the founders and they said, what do you do and I already have my podcast that was pearls of wisdom, obviously a play on my name and sharing my expertise and myself, right. How can you help and I do a lot of work floor.

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attraction and I'm bringing that into my business. And that's where I sit right, put the show together. And an ideas from I put 12 weeks of what I would do put that together. And literally it's gone from there is literally sited on the 13th of June. And then on week on week the listeners have grown. So it shows that there's a need for this. It's exciting. You know, I think that one of the things we've seen is this tremendous, just a Cambrian burst of creativity, from the pandemic from all these changes that are happening in the world around us. Not to say that it's always been easy. I know there are a lot of people out there that that have had a hard go of it and maybe are still in that right now. But at the same time, a lot of blessings that are that are being birthed out of it as well. Sounds like serenity radio is one of those examples a burst of creativity. Tell us a little bit more about pearls of wisdom, your show specifically what are you doing on the show? What are you trying to capture?

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In those conversations with your guests, right, what do pearls of wisdom, my tagline for the show is a mixing business and law of attraction to give you work life balance, or it's literally I do maybe half of the show where I talk about a bit of business coaching, then I add an area of law of attraction that you can put the two together, which most people think he doesn't gel, he's not supposed to work. But this is where you're seeing this. So many people are turning to a more spiritual idea, thinking about meditation, things to actually bring back into alignment. So they have a work life balance, because it's almost that stop that force locked down stop has brought everyone the chance to think and work through them. That's literally what I do across each of these. And I've just had my 12 weeks extended for another 12 weeks. And I've also had a new show added where I'm doing pearls of wisdom interviews. So this goes out to anyone here that would be interested

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If you feel you can share, let go and I can showcase you as well. But that's just it. This is what pearls of wisdom does. I talk about business idea, I add law of attraction, I started off with journaling, I talk about meditation or affirmations, where you actually bring that together, you do the work from the business side, you put out your intention from the law of attraction. We all know that universe abhors a vacuum, you do the work, you put the affirmations out, and then there's that gap that the universe brings in and fills that gap to help you actually succeed and move forward. And that's literally how they just start the talk about what you do. I naturally tend to be friendly, I talk to people and you just share what you're doing and people listen and they obviously like the idea and it grows and they share it with you.

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So the the guest interviews will be capturing some of these stories. What what specifically Are you looking for in your guests that are they're coming on

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pearls of wisdom, the interview, show that you're the component that you're launching to your show that I'm actually looking where people use business that spirituality and well being and combine them all together, I think now on lockdown, where we've all learned to go back inside and maybe look at see how we actually look after our well being. And I think that's a positive story that we can go out and share. And whether you mix it with business coaching, whether you've got an idea of a piece of software that actually works with that, and can be used. It's a way of showcasing that this works and it's positivity. And it's putting that positivity out, as opposed to doom and gloom that we see on a lot of the media, because that gets the more advertising revenue so they will push the negative side. But for business, we want the positive side because we want to build and grow and show people that there is potential

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pro What are you seeing in the marketplace right now because from my

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Take a you know, I have a lot of conversations with folks that are obviously in the business world that's that's where I marketing sales and marketing world where I work as well. And I'm hearing more conversation about connection about positive energy. We our guests yesterday was talking about good vibes that are being sent out to the universe. And and you know, you've described it as a law of attraction but noticing some of these things that we can't the synchronicities and serendipitous connections that we make with people that we can't always explain, but things just start to fall into place. Can you help some of our listeners, our guests out there thinking, alright, this sounds like whoo fuzzy bunnies to me, help make the business case for what we're seeing on the law of attraction or this. This other side is energetic side of the business world when it doesn't. It's not just about the bottom line, although it's contributing there as well.

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This is where I go back to that first thing where we started the interview when you said about those magic numbers that 10 K, in six weeks. This is where you Yes, you've got a business idea. We're all experts in what we do, and we're business savvy. You then have those little bits from the law of attraction from working in a spiritual sense way. And you see synchronicities to begin with might not actually connect though. But suddenly you see something, someone comes into your work that you've never met, and you think, I'm so aligned to this person, they can complement the work I'm doing. There's a potential to collaborate. And this is how the 10 k reach grown, literally sharing what you know, realizing you've got resonance with someone else, and they know with that and they grab it and they run they see a positive reaction. And think, yes, I can do this. I can do this in my business. I can add it

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To my day to day well being, um, schedule habits, and you start to realize the more we've spent time with ourselves through this lockdown where business has been taken online, you don't necessarily meet people face to face. It's nearly all through the the online version like we're doing here with streaming large or any of the other areas you've got that you can share. And that's when you suddenly sit back and you think I've met five new people this week, and I've had the connections. That's where it's synchronicity, and that's where it starts to work. And each of those five people might be telling five people about this person, but maybe and we will land but she's got a bit of a to show that it's going out and putting her message on a global scale. And suddenly you realize for those sort of numbers in six weeks is telling me there's an interest is telling anyone involved, but yes, they want to mix that together.

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that, yes, you want your business and you want to promote it. But you also want to look off your well being or maybe look at personal site is how you can grow and give back 12. So that's where I'd say, it just works, where the woowoo comes into it and it works.

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this is I think, where we we bridge a little bit into the work that you're doing. And I know you have a retreat coming up, we can talk about that a little bit as well. Can you walk us through the process that you're actually doing with clients? Where I'm going to these are my words, and I'm curious if they're if they work for you as well. But how do we engineer this process or reverse engineer this process so that it is more reliable, more predictable? Our businesses have to be we have to bank on our businesses, how do we make sure that it's not just haphazard because that I think is a challenge for a lot of folks, when they do talk about some of these

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Spiritual energetic law of attraction aspects It feels like something that we can't control should we even be trying to help make it happen help bring it along what what is your What does your process look like I think is where I'm going with this. Literally what I do originally, you start with your business idea, or you stay who you will be audience connection is whether your cup whether they're coming from a spiritual point of view, you can talk a law of attraction idea, or you can do the business side where you actually talk about where your expertise is.

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But just what you said there. Tobin, that's how I brought for the idea of this retreat was birthed. It can be online, and you get the option of being an exhibitor that that you can actually put your established business or a brand new business that you've built during COVID in front of a global audience, you get the chance to sponsor and actually

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go through and promote your brand through sponsorship, or you can be an attendee and actually learn and the three areas of the retreat are business, spirituality and well being. So when you come on as an attendee, you have the choice to say where your preference is, and where you're going to learn, it might be from a business coach might be from a life coach, something like that, where you're, it's just purely business and you want to move your business on. But a lot of the exhibitors I've got currently, when I asked them this, which area Do you sit in? They sit across all three because yes, they're doing business and helping you grow. I mean, this current climate online is the way to go and they can show you so many different ways to connect in that way, but also having those habits that you start to put into place. Now, there's a book that comes to mind 5am Club, I think is Robin Sharma. And if you read that, and set through, it's entrepreneurs, CEOs that follow the five seconds

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Club suggestions and what it mixes with his business and spirituality, you do your meditation, you're up at five o'clock do your exercise, meditation, and it makes you ready for the day. And so many entrepreneurs work with that. And that's why I brought that idea together and suddenly from asking people that see in the response, but where we think the connection isn't there so many more people interested because I can fit into any area, and it helps them grow as well as their business.

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So that's one of the things that we talk a lot about in sales map is that this sales entrepreneurial space is probably the best personal development program that's that's ever been designed. It's not just business. Obviously, that is part of the equation because the business funds the the growth and development, but that we are growing as individuals expanding in our abilities, our scope, our interests.

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It literally challenges us in, in some cases, calls upon our inner demons and dragons that we've wrestled with for years that brought out full force when you're working in this space. So I love that aspect. Tell me a little bit more about the who. So I heard you mentioned entrepreneurs, who specifically is this retreat designed for and what are they? Why are they coming to you? What are they going to get out of this experience? Right? From the exhibitors put into a few, I have people that are established in business, maybe been going a couple of years and want to go to the next level, I have people that are brand new, that have literally set up an online business through COVID, where they've seen the online digital is the only way they're going to connect with potential customers with clients and actually make that connection. So it's across the board and sponsors wise, I'm getting more established businesses can actually get in front there because you

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In the whole retreat on zoom, recording everything, and having those sessions that have been recorded mat available on replay. And it's those sessions that you can then brand for the sponsors. So they are then going to be viewed again and again, you get your logo, you get a promo. So for a top business, you can go, you can have your logo, your brand in front of a large global audience that is going to be watched 30 days plus, and people start to talk about it. So it fits

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quite a few different areas. And yes, establish people that already know, but this is my service. This is what I want to get in front of a large audience with and it's just doing, you could from a coaching point of view, you could maybe share one of your key points or maybe a taster session of what would if you're doing a program, you introduce that and get that interest. If it's someone with a project you could actually use that session to demonstrate

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product, get in front of the right people. And you don't know where that person is in the audience, what they're thinking about that day, they might be wanting to grow in their personal development. So they want your services, they might see a product and think, Well, yeah, actually, that's what I want to bring into my business or my family can note that it depends where they are on the day, if you've got replays, they might be in a different place the next day, and therefore they look at a different service. And it's just it helps the viewer.

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So what I'm getting from this is that there are we you, you talked about the sponsors, sort of the business component of the partner in sponsoring businesses that are going to participate in this. And then you have this global audience of folks who will benefit from the exposure, and these are my words, not yours, but I'm going to describe it in a business Expo format, really an opportunity because I think we all understand you're you're only one conversation away from changing

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The trajectory of your business forever. You know what a year from now two years from now you won't even recognize your business. And it can all go back to that one conversation with an ideal client who gets stellar results that though that use that case study ends up bringing dozens and dozens or hundreds of more clients. It could be a joint venture partnership, it could be one of the sponsors that you describe. It's that one conversation that ends up being an inflection point.

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Pro as we start to wrap up here. Obviously, folks can find you at book of experts.com. We encourage you to look up Pearl, there's many other experts as well. That's why we're here we're showcasing and spotlighting our experts in the community. What else should they know? Where else should they be looking for you For more information if they're interested in the retreat, specifically, or maybe some of the other programs that you do? If you want to connect with me, I'd say definitely follow me on civility radio. My show is post wisdom and it is on a Wednesday afternoon, UK time

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But they also have the shows available on demand. So you can do a catch up, and actually see if you like, what you hear and reach out from there. So you could literally you could email me Perl at Serenity radio.co.uk. If you're looking at that area, when we look at the retreat, I can give you an email and a main name, but I'm literally in the process of having it moved over. So don't be surprised if there isn't anything there. If you go today, if you go tomorrow, you're likely to see it. But we're looking at WWW dot p o w x retreat.com. So that's p o w retreats.com, which is obviously pearls of wisdom retreats. So that's something you can learn from there. or reach out to me on LinkedIn or on book of experts. And I can send you connections if you're interested in sponsorship or exhibiting or being part of the audience because I've got connections to all of that, but they've on sales funnel so it's a bit hard

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To do?

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Well, we, you know, for folks that might be new to the book of experts community. You know, if you're not familiar with what we're doing there, it really has become almost a Wikipedia of experts. So one of the things you'll see in pearls profile or other experts there is that there is a value ladder, meaning there are different rungs of the ladder of where you might enter the world and work with one of these experts. It could be a lead magnet or some kind of free resource that some of our experts provide. It could be a strategy session. In some cases, it could be the programs that they deliver the signature or transformational programs that folks are working with their clients on. So there's different rungs of the ladder. We all start in different places. And that's what we're trying to capture there on book of experts. One is the value ladder, and then also bringing experts together and helping enhance their referral circles as well. So again, you can see that a book of experts calm, Pro, I appreciate you taking a little bit of time want to

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hear your story about the the fast growth of serenity radio and specifically your pearls of wisdom show and also what you're doing with the retreat. appreciate you taking the time to come on book of experts TV today. Thank you

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