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More Intentional Play In Your Day

Quick shoutout for a gift received in the mail and a preview of our upcoming Experts Need To Know Show on Monday, August 10th.

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Hey, Friday afternoon. Just wanted to jump on, this is a, this is a quick sort of unexpected, unplanned Book of Experts episode. But I had a cool experience last week that I wanted to share with you guys, so I'm going to tell you a little bit more about that. How to bring a little bit more magic into your life in a really cool way and I wanted to preview the live stream and networking event that we have next Monday. That's August 10. Next Monday we're going to do the experts need to know show and it's all about injecting more play into your life and into your workplace.

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It's always fun when we play the music and I can see our guests are sort of dancing in the background. I thought we picked a catchy little tune for Book of Experts but today I'm running solo. Because this wasn't really a planned episode, just something pretty cool that I wanted to share with you guys and experience that I had last week that carried over into this week. And it actually ties in perfectly with the event I was telling you guys about Monday, August 10 4pm, Eastern Time 5pm eastern time, I'm giving you two different times and here's why. We have an expert panel on the experts need to know show coming in to talk about how to inject more play into your workplace into your work. Everything you do with work which ultimately brings more play into your life as well. I think it's going to be a really fun topic. And we have three different experts really interesting folks that are doing it in different and unique ways and they're doing it With big companies all the way up to Google, one of them is a consultant who goes to Google and has been doing work with their internal teams all the way down to solopreneurs. And also through the screen, which I know is a big factor for a lot of folks right now, how do you make this more fun on a day to day basis. So that's the topic will be live streaming at 4pm. Eastern Time, that's the regular time for the experts need to know show. And then at 5pm. As soon as the show ends, we actually take our guest panel and our audience and we meet up, it's kind of like, we're doing this in a virtual way. But it's like the show is over, we all step out into the hallway. And we take 45 minutes to network and get to know some other folks and we're using a really cool platform that actually matches people up so you can get to know some of the other really cool people who are either participating in or watching the experts need to know show. So if you're in the business space like I am, if you're working for me, it's entrepreneurs and experts and you want to meet other like minded people. This is a great forum. Because in 45 minutes or less, because like 42 minutes that we have a schedule, you're going to meet 567 new people really cool people doing interesting work. So with that said, I want to tell you a story about one of the interesting people that I had an opportunity to meet last week, and her story carried over into today. And that's what sort of inspired me to jump on and share a little bit more. So I did one of these networking events and I actually met Lauren beller. So Lauren, shout out to you really appreciate you. She took an hour of her time. Now there's a lot of us that Do you know, what do you call it a strategic planning session or a sales call? Or you know, coffee klatch? Get to know you, there are a lot of us that work in the online space where you're always meeting new people, but to take an hour of your time for someone that you just met to invest your time and essentially give them value up front. That was a pretty cool experience and in really a blessing and a gift that I received from Lauren and honestly, when She was telling me about it. So Lauren

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is with Changemaker nation. And if you,

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you know, I'll be sharing more information, we're actually going to have her on the podcast, we'll talk a little bit more about her mission, what she's doing in creating more changemakers in the world. But the reason why I wanted to share it with this story with you is because I actually received a gift in the mail this week from Lauren, as a follow up from our experience last week, so she took an hour of her time. And I'm actually going to tell you what we did, because I thought it was really interesting I, in the work that I do a lot of personal development in the entrepreneurial space entrepreneurs, I think, know that that this business space, like being an entrepreneur is probably the best personal development program you could ever be on. So goal setting intention setting like where do you want to be in two to three years and laying out a plan I mean, we work in a space where that's one of the coolest things about being an entrepreneur is there is no glass ceiling, there's no limit. You can go as high as you want to go or a willing to go willing to make that commitment, you just have to figure out a way. And if you don't know the way there are folks out there that can be great guides, or coaches or mentors that can they've done it themselves, and they'll help you get there. So it's a really, really interesting space. And I've seen a lot of goal setting processes, right, a lot of people have their, their way of doing this. And Lauren was explaining to me what she does. And I saw something really unique, not just in the form she does it in, but the way she delivers it. She's really a master facilitator of that. So I have my notebook here, I'm actually going to show you guys I don't know if this will make sense, but this is, uh, this is, let's see, let's try this. This way. You can see though, the round diagram that I'm showing there. Those are actually my notes from the session with Lauren. So rather than sending me a template to fill in, she walked me through step by step sort of drawing this diagram, which it was kind of unique because it felt like it was my diagram. It wasn't just something you know, a form I was filling in, and I've done some of these it's a wheel process. So in different quadrants, or one eight have around the wheel. We talked about different aspects of my wife, we were talking she was very specific and helpful to me but for you, if you were to have the same experience with Lauren, you talk about your health. You talk about you know, business objectives those were obviously two important ones you know, money What else did we have significant other your family, your friend relationships, the the living environment that you're in how that's going. Your personal spiritual development, like the things that really matter to us on a day to day basis. Each one is a portion of the wheel and so when you do one of these wheel exercises, you start to get, I would say, a feeling for the balance of your life and I'll be honest and real with you guys. A lot of times my wheel has been flat. You know, I I put out an awful lot of times. And focus on work and family. That's, you know, we're down here in Miami, I don't have a lot of friends, we just moved here, and I got some friends online, that's great too. But, you know, my wheel is not always really well rounded out as much as it should be. So, doing a wheel exercise is valuable from that perspective alone. But here's what Lauren was doing that was unique and different is, so it starts with the category. We started with health, which is sometimes quite often one of my flat areas. You know, I just don't give it as much attention as I would like, in probably should. And we talked about goals and I was like, okay, I've kind of seen this before, but then she shifted the conversation to what she called intentions, intentions being this idea of, okay, when those goals are achieved, how are you going to feel about that? What does that actually feel like? Can you project can you act as if you were feeling that right? Now what it would feel like to achieve the goals that I just shared with her, and we were capturing phrases of what that would feel like. And that was actually the focal point, not the goal. Because the interesting thing is that when you tap into those feelings, and you know what those feelings First of all, you're, you're sort of activating them. This is like the secret, right? You're activating some of the magic in the universe, the universe starts. This is my belief system, but it starts conspiring on your behalf. And whether you believe it or not, it's you know, it's it's out there working behind the scenes, like I think we all know there's something bigger that we, we don't fully understand and science can explain.

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That kicks into gear at the intention level, not always at the goal level, because you, like me probably have a bunch of goals that haven't been realized along the way. And sometimes that can feel frustrating. But something different happens at the intention level. And so she facilitates this game changer. Sorry, that's not the right word, change. maker experience focused on the intention level and we went around the wheel into different categories. And she sort of guided me through that process. Really interesting experience I was, I'll be honest with you and I was feeling pretty darn good after that hour that you invested in me and gave me as a gift a blessing of your time. And then

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this week, I was really pleasantly surprised. Oh, so

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one more thing. It's a wheel right? And it's got these different categories at the end. There's a big circle, there's a donut in the middle of your of your wheel. And her guidance was to put a word there in the middle of the circle. And the word that I chose for myself was play. it's it's a it's a topic first. You can see this ties in greatly with next week's experts need to know show because we're going to be talking about injecting more play into the workplace and different honestly strategies and tactics and ways to do that. Really fun ways. I have three experts coming in whereas this is their deal, right? They're This is their thing. And they're doing it on a day to day basis. So I'm super excited about that event. I hope you can join us. But even beyond that this has sort of been the theme that I've been thinking about this year, how I'm working a lot, how can I make work more fun? How can I inject more play into what I'm doing on a day to day basis? How can I make my work? feel more like a video game? Because what I know growing up as a kid and seeing it in this world around me, when people play video games, like there's no end to how long and how absorbed they can get in that they, you know, when you play a video game, yeah, you things might not always go as planned, but you you're sort of inspired by that, right? Like if your character in the video game gets squashed. You're like, Ah, I'm gonna play it again. Right? Whereas in life, something doesn't go our way. We kind of feel knocked down feel like we got sucker punched, and we feel bad. But in video games, it taps into the very best of us. And I love that aspect of the psychology. I want to bring more of that into my own work and one of my goals with the work that we do Do so I just found this really interesting. My word was play. I thought about it afterwards talked with Martina a little bit she suggested maybe playful is is a better word and I ended up choosing I followed up with with Lauren a day or two later and said you know what I'm changing my word I'm going with and I'm not sure that this is even a word if it exists, but I'm going with gainful, gainful, not play, not playful gainful, because I really want to capture this idea of thinking about my life as a game, like I'm a character in this video game. And so what am I going to do with it? It's not the end of the world if this game ends might be the end of my world, but it's not the end of the world. And how can I just play this game better? How can I sort of squeeze this experience for everything that it's worth? So these are some of the big things that I've been thinking about. I'm sharing it with you because I'm going to have Lauren come out with On and actually talk about her Changemaker nation. This whole mission that she's on to facilitate other changemakers and the thing I wanted to share with you guys, I don't know if you can even see this. So this is the this is a bracelet, a leather bracelet, I can read it, I don't know. You know, sometimes the cameras will actually reverse things. It says gainful. And so this is like a what a touchstone, a talisman of magic bracelet, whatever. I like to think of it as being super powered. But I can, I can feel it, I can touch it, I can look down and remind myself and I thought it was a really nice way of pulling this whole experience together. So thank you, Lauren, I appreciate you. In in, you know, yes, it was personal for me. So I'm thanking you from that perspective. But more importantly, I'm thanking you and the work that you're doing from your heart because this is the kind of thing you know, that is changing the world helping communities get more connected, making those connections between people and living this way. more self actualized is better version of ourselves that we can be. So I think it's really cool what you're doing. I wanted to share it. And you touched me this week I wanted to share because I know it may be a week or two before we get you on the podcast, but it's coming, folks. And until then join us on Monday, like the next three Mondays in a row, listen, we're going to be talking about on the 10th, we're going to be talking about more play in the workplace, injecting more play into the workplace, on the 17th. We're doing the same thing live streaming for an hour and then doing the networking right after we're going to talk about mastery and the art of coaching. We have three great experts coming on to talk about what they do in their work to coach at the highest levels. And then on the 24th we're actually going to talk about speaking in podcasting as a way to boost your visibility and get your message and your mission out in front of more people. Kind of like what we're doing right now. Right. So I wanted to share this with you guys. Hope Hope you enjoyed it. Have a great weekend. This was bookable Experts TV solo edition

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