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SalesMAP Success Stories with Hasnaa Bourois

What does it mean to be a SalesMAP Sales Partner? In today’s episode, we are going to talk with recent Bootcamp graduate Hasnaa Bourois about her experience.

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Alright, so we're back with Book of Experts TV again today and we're going to be talking about the SalesMAP boot camps because we've been running a bunch of these now and today for our guests, we actually have a recent graduate of the SalesMAP boot camp, I want to talk about what that means, what her experience was and why it might matter to you or to someone that you know, because we're living in a world with a lot of changes right now people are, you know, some people are not able to work because of lockdown shutdowns and sequestration is everything that's going on in the world. Maybe you live in a, you want to live in a different place of the world. We'll talk about all these angles. I think you'll really enjoy today's guests. And I'm excited to have to share her with you and we'll talk again about what it means to be a sales partner out of the SalesMAP program.

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Great so I'm bringing on as our guest Hasnaa Bourois- how do I do with the pronunciation on that?

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You're doing great with what you're doing great.

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Yeah, I'll have to work on my French because it's been a little while I studied in in high school, and college, traveled to France actually but the last couple of years I've been trying to learn Slovak we were in Slovakia last last year so yeah, my brains a little confused. I would people would speak in Slovak and I tried to answer in French and that's that didn't do anyone any good, but

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Hasnaa, I'm excited to have you on. There's there are several different angles.

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First of all, would you please share with folks Where are you are calling in from because I think that will be interesting for folks to know where you are and why and sort of give us a lay of the land because I know things are changing around you. And that's part of our conversation today. So tell us more.

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Yeah. Hi, Tobin. I don't know if you're hearing me. Do you hear me? Yes. Yeah. Yeah, that was good. Yep. Good. Okay. So I'm in Bali right now. I've been in Bali in Indonesia for the last eight years. So I'm leaving actually in Bali with my two gorgeous daughters that I love and we've been here for many reasons, we wanted to step up from Paris. So I'm Moroccan French. I used to live in Paris for 10 years, and we stepped up here because of the lifestyle and the quality of the island, to be able to, at the same time, connect with so many different cultures of the world, and at the same at the same time, being able to work online remotely.

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Discover just a Balinese culture that you stand on. So I'm a bit of a melting pot between France, Morocco, and my heart is Indonesian.

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I am one of the most beautiful places in the world. I think a lot of people will be jealous out there. And of course, in our current world situation, folks are not traveling like they have in the past. So Bali is always on the list of you know, when people want to see the most exotic beautiful locations. Bali is often at the top of that list. You're there now but it's also created this the the shutdown and the pandemic has created some issues for you, which will play into our bigger conversation today. Correct? Correct. I mean, it's a big hit for the island as the island is totally actually 100% dependent on tourism. So we're kind of totally locked down plus the fact that Australia and New Zealand which are basically the most touristic

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People coming to Bali are not able to fly for the moment. So everything is, you know, changing upside down. Yeah, definitely. So I wanted to underline this topic before we get into the specifics of your experience with the sales map Bootcamp, because I imagine there are other folks out there that are facing similar situations they may not be in Bali like yourself but they are in industries where their work opportunities are limited or maybe people being laid off or drying up. Because of these changes there. These are fundamental shifts that are you know, families are experiencing this and as you mentioned, you have two daughters, it is a trickle down effect. We have to make these choices about what kind of work we do where we do it from how we even when we do it, it impacts the world, in our our families around us. So you have an opportunity because of what you do in the in the sales space to work virtually

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What were you doing before the sales map boot camp? I think it would be good to start there. And then we'll enter into what your experience was over the last month. Yeah. So yeah, so I have a 19 years background in sales. So my passion and my business have always been sales. I've got some background in marketing as well. It's interesting generally to mix up both to have a bigger understanding of a client product and the service. But mostly my passion and my job has been in sales. So before, before Bali, I've been literally working in a carrier with people in Paris and Morocco, in different companies from L'Oreal, Ghana and cosmetics to royal investment fund of Morocco, as a salesperson launching different products and services. And then I had the biggest shift for me was when I moved to Bali eight years ago, where I decided to take freelance consultancy missions. So literally

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In Bali what happened I started working as a freelance sales consultant for other businesses from food and beverage jewerly fashion brands,

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events, villas, spaces, venues, wedding planning, etc. So the huge palette of have different industries, but I've mainly been doing the same thing for each service or product is selling their packages.

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So that's a little bit of my background, my clients, most of them, let's say 90% of my missions and consultancy programs were done in Bali physically. So that's the biggest shift for me traveling is I have been physically working inside on the client site in Bali. Sometimes I would travel to Jakarta because some clients are having a bigger industries in Jakarta, but mainly I was physically client to clients and the shipping

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Right now is the fact that everything is kind of moving online. So I'm used to sell yes for a long period of time and building relationships with different clients and, you know, businesses, but the biggest, let's say, challenge and opportunity at the same time right now is to move to learn how to shift the sales process to an online experience. So yeah, I don't know if it's

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your question.

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So I think it also has now we're getting a little bit of

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that scratching feedback noise on your mic. So just be careful on that. And if you can, so yes, I mean, this is the trend that's happening in the world, the more and more of the world is forced to engage in do business online sales is the tip of the spear so to speak, because when you when you're in the sales space in the marketing space, there will always be opportunity because you are

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You are creating those bringing those deals back to the table so to speak, as well like to say, so. So tell me about your you came into, for folks that are gonna watch this. The sales map boot camp is a two week experience where we're focused on the outbound or the prospecting or the going out and creating opportunities. So in sales map, we distinguish between the inbound role and the outbound role, and specifically your experience you already mentioned, you have 19 years of sales experience. So you've been doing some of the inbound, but you came into sales map for this outbound experience, and you went through what we do in the two week period of actually doing the work. I think that's one of the big differences. This is not a train and take a quiz to show you know it, this is a get your hands dirty and actually book people on the calendar, speak with them and create opportunities. So tell us what what that experience was like for you. Yeah, that was awesome. Robin actually. I spent two weeks in

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The last sales bootcamp you offered to me. And the experience was just life changing for me because normally in Bali, I had the

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experience or the habit to have clients coming to me. So the prospect inside of selling was not my biggest strength. I was mostly having clients come in, tourism is going on. Word of mouth is going on. But I wasn't really focusing on going out there and creating a process to find clients. The bootcamp let's say the biggest value for me was that I have been taught a specific consistence process on how to reach clients. And that was life changing for me. So that's number one for the bootcamp is a place where we I learned for my own experience, a new process of outbound so of going out there looking for the clients and how to do it naturally.

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The experience is very human. We're all connected from different cultures, different countries, they grew. I remember some people coming from Philippines, Australia, of course, US, Australia, it was very surprising for me to be to be in the middle of the momentum of energy connected all together from different time zones. That was very interesting because I discovered that actually when the commitment is there, and we want really to wake up, I was waking up at five with the timezone of Bali, I, we, we really learned something.

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Either we're physically together or not when there is the energy of the group we learn together.

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Now, the third thing I would say is the power of LinkedIn. So for example, I discovered really how to better use LinkedIn through the bootcamp. Of course, I had some social media understanding, but the specificity of

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on how to strategically use tools to empower myself through LinkedIn and reaching out to people is very through the bootcamp.

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A lot of things I can I can talk hours about the book cover. I mean, it was really interesting

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to also feel this report. That's something I want to emphasize is

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you know, self help sometimes this cliche of being competitive. Meanwhile, the group of the boot camp is very supportive. I love the idea that we play role plays together. I love the idea that you're all as partners presence with us from A to Z, I mean, everyday giving us your insights, your experience. I love the idea that we are happy when somebody is reaching a goal through the bootcamp, I felt the support and sales were really the value of sales map and I, I appreciated that value because that's how I see sales for myself to my background

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and I want to add

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One thing, Sabina, if I have a little time is the fact that the relationship with the client is in the center of what we were learning.

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We, I mean, I learned I mean I in in reinforced through the bootcamp the fact that relationship with a client is in the heart of what sells is supposed to be the human connection and then from there, the relationship will flow into business and money. I love that fact as well. Because I think that's very important to what we're doing and it is relationship based marketing. It is not the sort of transactional or mercenary approach which many times when people hear sales that's their first impression is you know, just go get the sale and everything else doesn't matter. But I think we look at these networks, that we're all building our connections with other people as your network determines your your net worth or your ability to generate income and yeah, you're you're in Bali, which is

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You know, we started there, it's a year in one of the most beautiful places in the world. And yet, if you don't have this opportunity to work in work virtually, you might not be able to stay there or live a good life. So I think this conversation has never been more timely one because of the opportunity. I'll let folks know if someone out there is listening to this. And yeah, maybe you catch the replay. And you're saying, well, this sounds kind of interesting. I could work from anywhere I could set my own hours and I just have to do the work to produce the results. That's kind of interesting. Now, that was what is really interesting to me about the entrepreneurial space as well as what you get paid for what you produce. Its merit based, it's not just you know, put in the hours

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where we're doing these boot camps on a monthly basis. So you are in the June version of the boot camp each every couple of weeks, we're launching a new boot camp, you do have to apply and we do expect people are going to do the work. We don't want someone to just ride the coattails and jump in

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And fill their brain with information because they're curious and not do anything with it that doesn't help you. It doesn't help me it doesn't help any of us. But ultimately the graduates of our Boot Camp The objective is one day we'll get this skill set. We'll find the people who are really not only good connectors but one of the things I love about you has now you're always smiling you bring this positive energy. I think that is that's one of the things that we're looking for that ability to go out and genuinely connect with others because if you don't have an agenda that you have to force a sale but rather you want to hear what's going on with the other person what what would help them move to that next level their business, it opens a lot of doors to make those connections and it's fun. Honestly, we we want work to be fun. We want it to be productive and efficient and profitable for everyone involved, but but fun as well. So, so yeah, definitely follow up. If someone out there sees this. You're interested in seeing what this might look like for you. Just shoot me a note in the comments.

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Or find one of the profiles. You'll find me on LinkedIn you brought up LinkedIn has now that is a an area of focus.

Unknown Speaker 15:09

Can you share a couple of examples of what it was that made a difference for you to explore more on the LinkedIn space? Yeah, sure. Sure.

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I think I can mention three examples. The first one is, you provided us with different resources and videos on how to use the search bar off LinkedIn. So that was, as well very new for me to understand how to use the N D or the names of the people this Premium Program and the Sales Navigator, etc. So there was like, a very specific understanding on how to use the search bar and the filters of LinkedIn. Meanwhile, generally we just go intuitively and we use them. But following the videos and the resources you gave me I reached really better resources.

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in finding the people I wanted to find, which was the number one thing that I learned through the boot camp. The second thing was also the way we reach out to people. So one of the methods you talk about in the boot camp is the tapping. So the way we introduce ourselves to people, the way we get genuinely interested in their activities, what they are doing, I learned a lot, by the way, doing that process. Because we ended up we ended up I ended up

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reading articles understanding how people work, learning a lot about their businesses. So that's the second thing where I really discovered Oh my god, it's not only fun, and I'm reaching out to people to connect with and expanding my network, but I'm actually also learning so much in new insights about business coaching, consultancy. So that's the second thing And the third thing is woke up experts. So one of the tools you're using, you're using and

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showed us in sales map his referral network group where 600 members are already involved. And the way I have been introduced to that referral program is very interesting because not only for me, I can benefit from it, finding new people inside, but also how I introduce it to new clients and I make other people benefit from it. So I love the idea that we're using of experts referral program as a value that can serve other people around us, while they can also enroll in what we are selling to them somehow. So that was very valuable. I'm glad you mentioned that house. Now. I think we'll do another episode and talk more specifically about book of experts. And this idea that of having something worth talking about, because this is the this is the big mistake that I see a lot of folks making in the sort of virtual sales space, which is they're trying to push an agenda

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Their message their offer or positioning to somebody else who has not raised their hand and said, Yes, I'd like to see this. So essentially, they're interrupting someone and then trying to push this messaging on them. And they don't there's no

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this is a topic we're talking about, like they, we assume it is every every one of us does something that we feel proud about, that we're excited to share with others, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's being received on the other end. So having that that bridge, to be able to start a conversation worth having with someone that is not sales, salesy in nature, and then be able to take it into a sales conversation when and if it's appropriate. I think that is one of the nuances. A couple other things I wanted to mention. I I'm going to use these words this these are not the words that you share. But what I like about what I heard you saying is you have a sales background, but with with the sales map experience in the ability to do outbound or go out

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Get clients to go directly to them. Essentially, it's a never go hungry again, kind of program because now you're in control. If you're in an inbound in, we see sales map, we work with both sides, we have some folks that have a big lead flow, they have hundreds of leads coming through. They need someone on the sales team to actually receive and book those calls and have conversations with people. But in many times that that lead flow can get stopped, or or things change, maybe they're running ads, and the ads are no longer working. And all of a sudden, everyone can be out of work and the whole engine comes to a grinding halt. Whereas with this outbound approach you You're always keeping your pipeline full. You always have that ability to create new opportunities for yourself and for others and personally, I think that's one of the most exciting things that I've seen in this space.

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The paid to learn aspect of the boot camp, which is come in and learn and develop your own skill set level up over a two week period by doing the work yourself.

Unknown Speaker 20:00

But also get paid from the Commission's if someone ends up enrolling in a program through through the connections that you make, you also get paid during that period. So that's kind of interesting. And then lastly, you know, for yourself has done for others folks coming through at the end of the boot camp. By the way, not everyone graduates, we quite often start with a group of 20 or 25 people and folks will drop off along the way when they realize, yeah, they actually have to do the work, they have to get out, get over themselves and reach out to new people that they've never met or strike up conversations and we teach a process for this, but you actually have to do the work. Because once you show you're able to do the work we can place you with clients and we have a whole roster of clients that are looking forward to being matched up with one or more of the folks that graduate and have been trained and certified in our process. So

Unknown Speaker 20:52

how's that any last thoughts I want to start to wrap up here but again, I appreciate you sharing your perspective your you've just come out of one of my

Unknown Speaker 21:00

Our most recent boot camps, you you're, you know, freshly trained is fresh on your mind. And you're sharing a perspective that I think is important for folks out there to hear.

Unknown Speaker 21:10

Yeah, thank you. Thanks. And Tobin, actually, I, I wanted as well to emphasize the fact that the boot company has been a really big opportunity for me because it happened in a moment of coverage where I was really challenged by the fact that I'm used to have a funnel of clients that is big, and it's kind of stopping and I was really in a stressful moments of trying to understand what's my next step. And somehow at the boot camp, I applied and then I went into it. And I it was really a direct message for me, that's the direction I have to take. Number one more online and remote virtual sales work. And number two, oh my god. Here is a method where I can prospect by myself without waiting for people to reach me. That was life changing. Although I have a

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background of 19 years, I realized that it's great to be the students of such a boot camp and do the work. Because at the end of the two weeks, I really ended up with the concrete skills of prospecting and reaching out to people. So thank you for it. I appreciate those words and appreciate you again, you know, you you always bring positive energy, a big smile to the conversations even at five in the morning, which is not always the easiest thing to do. for you right now. We're actually broadcasting it's late at night. And again, I appreciate you taking the extra time. I just think that, you know, there's an awful lot of really good salespeople who are sidelined out there, there will always be a need in the sales space. But if the lead flow is not there, some really good salespeople are not able to get the positions that they want. They're not able to work because they're waiting, they're waiting on someone else to essentially initiate the system whereas this business development approach or sales development approach is about going out and

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in finding people, but doing it in an elegant, and I would say intelligent way, the kind of the way that we would want to be approached right and not act the way we would want to be annoyed, which is a lot of people are doing and they do it because they they don't know, they need to make results one way or the other. And so they're just doing it in a very rough, sort of self centered way. And what we're really focusing on is how would you want to be approached? And how would you want to, you know, be introduced to someone new and build a relationship there, whether there is business in that specific instance or not, there's only going to be good things that come out of this relation, ship based approach might be to introduce you to someone else, or they become a source of referrals or a strategic partner, or they become your next client. There's many, many different outcomes if you treat people right and you treat them the way, you know, you would, you would hope to be approached as well. So yeah, True. True. Well, again, I appreciate you taking the time to

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chat with us today has no again, I think it's just interesting folks. For people out there if you want more information again, the best thing to do is one, you can go see what we're doing at book of experts calm, I think that might be of interest to you as well. Certainly reach out to me. You can check out sales map.me. If you want to see more about the program, and we do have boot camps starting up each month, we're always looking for new candidates, because we're always placing candidates with our clients. So they will they'll literally be a constant source of folks coming through. Not everyone graduates, graduates from the program has no you did and we appreciate you and

Unknown Speaker 24:38

thank you to you. Thank you. Thank you. Bye, everyone. Bye bye

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