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The BAT Signal Social Pod

We have a bunch of new members here in the Book of Experts community who have not yet heard about the BAT Signal Social Pod.

If you are a regular creator of content on LinkedIn, here’s why you should care:

1) We help each other extend our reach so our best content gets seen by more people (be willing to give as much as you get)

2) It is also a great way for others to get to know you – because it is pretty hard to pass along a referral when you don’t know how a person is meaningfully unique

In addition to this video on how to comment more strategically, I also posted the following videos on my Facebook page (uploads were too long for LinkedIn):

>> This one explains what the BAT Signal Social Pod is, how it works, and why:

>> This one shows an examples of just how big your content “snowball” can grow once it gets rolling:

It was pretty fun to watch the numbers get bigger and bigger for Laura Elliott‘s post!

Bonus: Want to get 3x more clicks from your posts? 

The social media platforms think of it like those links are stealing their users. Better to put your link in a comment (mention it in the post).

Here is the research – almost 3x more reach and more clicks when you DON’T include a link in the post:

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